Westminster Kingsway College – Cooking School (Day Two)

Posted on Wednesday, 25th February 2009

Yesterday was a day filled with potatoes and pancakes, a day that I am going to call ‘P’ day. The day started with my cooking course which is proving to be really enjoyable. My lecturer is great. He’s jolly and jovial with a cheesy sense of humour, and I like cheesy. He will probably always be guaranteed a laugh from me with his jokes, even if he doesn’t get one from any one else for I am obviously easily amused. At one point our discussions turned to a potato ricer. It’s what you mash potatoes with and it’s akin to a large garlic crusher. You operate it by putting a cooked potato inside its head and pressing down on one of its arms to produce the mash. You release the arm, and then continue on with the next potato and so on. Describing it as ‘arm pressing’ exercise, he livened up the proceedings with a reference to a phraseology that he and his colleagues use to use when he was a junior chef: “hickory dickory dock, I must increase the size of my arm muscle!” See, he’s funny.

Crispy, fluffy potato croquettes

Crispy, fluffy potato croquettes

The highlight ingredient of the day was the humble potato, hence the reason for our discussions on the potato ricer. In the hot, steamy kitchen, we baked, boiled, mashed and piped potatoes, to then turn out potato concoctions of all sorts: duchesse (piped mash potato spirals); marquise (piped mash potato with tomato concassé on top); macaire (mashed potato scones/patties) and potato croquettes with Japanese breadcrumbs. Piping takes patience and skill, and I do not profess to have much of the former.

Banana, ice-cream & maple syrup pancake

Banana, ice-cream & maple syrup pancake

Still, my potatoes turned out to be really yummy. And in the evening, in honour of Shrove Tuesday, my friends and I capped the day off with pancakes topped with whatever our ‘hearts’ desired. My heart desired banana, vanilla ice-cream, and Canadian maple syrup, and lots and lots of it. Make no mistake, it was a lot. So potatoes and pancakes came to make ‘P’ day. ‘P’ for piggy.

Westminster Kingsway College:
Web: http://www.westking.ac.uk

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8 Responses to “Westminster Kingsway College – Cooking School (Day Two)”

  1. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie Says...

    I would love a taste of that delicious pancake! yum!

  2. Agirlhastoeat Says...

    Yes it was really delicious. I would love some right now!

  3. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Says...

    They both look divine to me! Yum! You should be proud of yourself 🙂

  4. David Says...

    ‘P’ for perfection, too. Those photos have me pawing at my computer screen like a cat pawing at a bird that sits mere inches beyond a glass window. Your potato concoctions sound divine, I have to say!

  5. Agirlhastoeat Says...

    CanCan and David,
    Thanks and I know what you mean. Sometimes when I look at the food photos, I want to lick the screen too! 🙂

  6. Hilary Says...

    You lucky thing doing this course! WK has got a great reputation. I am dying to eat at their restaurant The Vincent Rooms since it’s quite near my office.

  7. Agirlhastoeat Says...

    Hi Hilary, yes I feel very fortunate to do the course and I am enjoying it very much. I had dinner at The Vincent Rooms some time back. It was a worthwhile experience. Of course as you know, the chefs are the students so the people cooking change all the time.

  8. Priscilla Says...

    Were the potatoes croquettes yummy? I want one – lick lick