Westminster Kingsway College – Cookery School (Days 13 & 14)

Posted on Sunday, 31st May 2009

We had another assessment this week. In an attempt to impress Chef, I cooked with a wee bit more butter, probably more than I would normally. Of course this wouldn’t matter if the food never passed my lips. But invariably it does, and although it makes all the food very tasty, surely cannot be a good thing for my waist. I also find that butter is making its way into my home cooking more and more as well. And that too, cannot be a good thing either.

For the assessment we made chicken holstein, potato marquise and courgette provencal. I was quite happy to make the chicken again, seeing as I’ve discovered what a fan I am of crumbed chicken, fried egg, anchovies, capers and beurre noisette. My courgette provencal was fine, although I wrestled with the marquise potato as I can’t say I’m a big fan of piping. It’s far harder than it looks, and I have no patience for such things. My turned out like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I have also decided presentation is not one of my strong points. I have no artistic flair to speak of, so I wonder if posting photos of what I cook on my blog works for me, or against me.

Chicken holstein, etc

Chicken holstein, etc

Last week we covered beef stew with suet dumplings, parsley potatoes, cauliflower polonaise and courgette provencal. I worked on my own during last week’s class, even though we typically work in pairs. There are 13 of us, and occasionally there are absentees from class, so there’s no telling on any given day whether we will land on an even or an odd number. Working on one’s own is hard work. You cook the same as those in pairs, so there’s probably almost double the prep. I guess it’s a good challenge, but it made for a bit of a stressful day.

Beef stew, parsley potatoes, courgette provencal, cauliflower polonaise

Beef stew, parsley potatoes, courgette provencal, cauliflower polonaise

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5 Responses to “Westminster Kingsway College – Cookery School (Days 13 & 14)”

  1. Sam Says...

    Your food looks really well presented to me. Delicious too:)

  2. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie Says...

    These all look delicious to me! Wonderful job!

  3. neil Says...

    I had to do duchess potatoes for one of my exams last week (pretty similar). We had 675g of potatoes and we had to pipe exactly 8 with no leftovers. I practiced really hard for them and never got them 100% right. On the day however they looked perfect until it came to the tasting and I discovered I had accidentally over seasoned them by quite a country mile.

    I will never do these again.

  4. Hilary Says...

    I think that first plate with the chicken is the prettiest (and yummiest) looking thing yet!

  5. 'A Girl Has to Eat' Says...

    Hi Neil,
    I know exactly how you feel. Damn hard this piping business. As for the over seasoning. I hear you loud and clear. I have been guilty of this too on occasions. Oh the trials and tribulations of cookery school…

    Sam, Natasha, Hilary,
    Thanks for the lovely comments! I sometimes think its a tad embarrassing putting up photos of the things I make, seeing as there are all these photos of all the fabulous food from the restaurants I go to. Will endeavour to work harder on the presentation!