Want to Be a Food Blogger? Here’s a Few Things to Remember

Posted on Thursday, 21st December 2023

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Looking at embarking on a journey as a food blogger? It is, undoubtedly, a delicious adventure full of creative expression and the opportunities to experience culinary delight at every turn. This is why, sometimes, if you are feeling the need to develop your passion for food through blogging, achieving some level of success is more than just the passion for produce or the flavours. There are a number of things to consider if you want to be a successful food blogger.

Develop That Wanderlust

If you are looking at being a food blogger, you’ve got to get that sense of travel deep within you. This could potentially mean going further afield than you are used to. Many food bloggers use their holidays as the perfect time to go and explore new places, but if you want to turn this into a fully-fledged career, you may want to think about taking big steps and moving completely.

The best cross country mover will always ensure that you can get somewhere safely and securely, but you may also want to think about setting up camp in one place for a lengthy period of time. This allows you to go and explore the food of a particular country, and this will give you far better insight into the overall culture of the place. We have to remember it’s not just about the food but about making sure that we are experiencing what a place is like through its culinary delights.

Quality Photography

In the realm of food blogging; it’s not just about the words but about the visual appeal. Taking the time to hone your photography skills and ensuring that food is always well-lit, and you have an understanding of some of the basic photography techniques will ensure that you can showcase the vibrant colours and textures of the dishes. The fact is that, when it comes to appealing to any audience through our blog, we’ve got to focus on image, first and foremost.

Tell a Story

A great food blog is not just about the recipes but is an insight into who you are and your relationship with the food itself, whether on a cultural level or a personal connection. We all have memories of parents or grandparents making food, and when we experience those dishes in a country on the other side of the world, it instantly transports us back to a simpler time, and we should learn to tell these stories with our recipes, whether we cook them ourselves or we are on a culinary quest.

Don’t Forget the Marketing

We have to also consider the importance of ensuring that when we are heading on an amazing adventure the right people can access our blog. Understanding the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can significantly boost the visibility of your food blog and this means conducting keyword research and making sure that you can play the game in this respect. No matter how fantastic your blog is, if you’re not using the appropriate keywords then you won’t be discoverable by search engines so you won’t be able to attract a wider audience.

If you are looking at being a successful food blogger it’s not just culinary skills; it’s so much more, from storytelling to photography and playing the marketing game.

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