Ways to Cut Unhealthy Fats Out of Your Diet

Posted on Thursday, 8th September 2022

Ways to Cut Unhealthy Fats Out of Your Diet

If you feel as if your diet still has too many unhealthy fats in it, it’s probably time to do something about that. We all get into bad habits in certain ways and we maybe don’t realize how much fat we’re consuming. But if you want to go in a more positive and healthier direction, you’re in the right place because we’re going to talk today about how you can cut the unhealthy fats out of your diet.

Eat Leaner Cuts of Meat

The types of meat you eat will have a big impact on how much fat is in your diet generally. Red meats will generally contain more fat than poultry, so that’s something that you’ll want to keep in mind. The leanest type of meat you could go for is turkey breast meat. It’s pretty healthy and lean and it can taste great when prepared properly too.

Bake More and Fry Less

One cooking switch you can make pretty easily is not frying as much. When you bake things rather than fry them, you don’t use as much oil and you’re not leaving the food to cook in that oil. So if you’ve not someone who’s done much baking before now, give it a try because it’s definitely a healthy alternative.

Avoid Sauces Based on Cream or Cheese

If you’re looking for sauces to base your cooking around, you should try to avoid the ones that are based on cream or cheese. Sure, these taste great, but they can become very unhealthy if you’re not careful. Use them as something you eat once in a while and try to use tomato-based sauces and other such options most of the time.

Switch to an Air Fryer

Switching to an air fryer and away from a typical deep fat fryer is definitely a good idea. Air fryers use a lot less oil and that means there’ll be less fat in your food when you use them. And you can cook lots of different foods in an air fryer with very little fuss, and none of the smells that usually come with using a deep fat fryer. For example, you can make these frozen meatballs in an air fryer very easily.

Check for Fats Even Where You Least Expect Them

It’s important to always look for sources of fat where you might not expect to find them. For example, if you look at how much fat is present in your processed cereal, you might be pretty surprised. That’s why it pays off to read the label and to learn as much as you possibly can about the foods you consume.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can cut down on the number of unhealthy fats in your diet. Each of the changes we’ve discussed here today shouldn’t be too difficult for you to implement, so be sure to try some of them out and see if they make a difference to your health.

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