Planning Courses for a Dinner Party

Posted on Thursday, 8th September 2022

Planning Courses for a Dinner Party

There are plenty of things you can do with your friends and family to spend quality time together. You can head to the cinema and watch a film. You can go on a night out to bars or restaurants. You could go to a museum, catch up in cafe, head into nature for a walk… the list goes on and on. But one fun way to create some great memories is dinner parties. Dinner parties serve as a great way to entertain your friends or family from the comfort of your own home. You can share your love through food and have an evening to remember! But planning a dinner party can feel difficult. The key to success is to plan your courses in advance and make sure that you have all of the ingredients, as well as a good recipe to follow. This will help things tick over nicely.

Check Dietary Requirements

You should make sure to check the dietary requirements of any guests you invite. If it’s your nearest and dearest then chances are you already know without having to ask. But if people are bringing partners, plus ones or you’re inviting people you haven’t eaten with before, it’s always worth checking. Some guests may be pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan or have intoleranced and allergies such as nut allergies or gluten or lactose free diets.


The number of courses you serve to your guests largely depends on what you want to do and how you want the night to be. If you want to keep things simple, spending less time in the kitchen and more time catching up, then you may want to serve a single course. If you want to spoil your guests, you can do everything from appetisers to starters, mains and desserts. Only you can know what’s best.


Appetisers are great for tiding your guests over until the main courses start to arrive. They should be small and light. A lot of people will opt for finger foods like olives, bowls of nuts, crisps or breadsticks.


The starter should be a relatively small course. You don’t want to fill your guests up before the main event! Popular options tend to include soups, bread and dips (such as hummus) or small versions of larger main courses.

Main Course

The main course is where you’re going to invest most of your efforts. Try to make this a balanced meal. You should have some sort of protein like Smoked Whole Chicken, some carbs like pasta, potatoes or rice and some vegetables.


There’s a world of desserts out there that you can choose to make. Again, this portion doesn’t have to be huge. Chances are your guests are already full from the previous courses.

Don’t let this process stress you out. Hosting a dinner party should be fun. Hopefully, some of the information above will help you to be the perfect host!

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