Posted on Monday, 28th June 2021

My&Sanné is a new Mediterranean restaurant on Brompton Road which specialises in regional dishes with hints of Greek, Italian and Asian flavours. The interior is impressive – light and airy, it embodies the essence of an elegant greenhouse with Bistro seats, planters and urns, and a flower-ceiling with string lights and lanterns.

An all-day restaurant, mornings at My&Sanné offers up dishes such as Deconstructed Avocado Tarine; ‘Nduja Eggs Benedict, or Arjurvedic Porridge, along with a selection of fun smoothies. Lunch and dinner serves up a robust array of seafood and meat dishes. There is a fabulous display of patisseries and desserts to round out your meal, not to mention an innovative cocktail and mocktail menu and a rounded wine selection to quench your thirst.

We tried the Singapore-style crab leg with crispy bao bun (£29). The crab leg was of a perfectly tender texture and enhanced with sweet chilli flavours, with the bao bun resembling an unctuous crispy fried bread. It was crispy and light on the outside, yet soft on the inside. In all a very delicious dish.

London Food Blog - My&Sanné - Singapore crab

London Food Blog – Singapore crab

Another start of summer truffle foie gras terrine (£26) with black cherries and toasted brioche was also very enjoyable. The foie gras terrine had a beautiful creamy texture, with the delicate sweetness of the black cherries and the crispy buttery flavour of the brioche pairing well with the terrine. The terrine was quite large in size and very rich, and we would have preferred a small piece with a slightly more concentrated foie gras flavour.

London Food Blog - My&Sanné - Foie Gras Terrine

My&Sanné – Foie Gras Terrine

Mains were lobster linguine (£45) and lemon sole meuniere (£38) with pointed cabbage, crispy guanciale and capers (£38). The pasta was fabulous, and perfectly al dente, the lobster pieces were juicy, flavoursome and chunky. The sauce, made with fresh spring onions, chilli, herbs and datterino tomatoes was satisfying rich and comforting. As pasta should be.

London Food Blog - My&Sanné - Lobster linguine

My&Sanné – Lobster linguine

As for the lemon sole, the flesh was rich and tasty, with a crispy contrast from the guanciale being a fabulous touch and pleasant, delicate acidity coming through from the capers for contrast.

London Food Blog - My&Sanné - Lemon sole

My&Sanné – Lemon sole

To desserts, we settled on a golden hued slice of blackberry topped rich chocolate cake with caramel and soft chocolate filling. Richly decadent and moist, it was delicious but might have benefited from the addition of cream or crème fraiche to offset some of the richness. Nevertheless, no regrets.

My&Sanné offered up a delightful experience, from the food which was fresh, well thought through and had been cooked with care and attention, to the really pleasant and friendly service.

Website: My&Sanné
Food rating: 4/5
Service rating: 4/5

We dined as guests of My&Sanné

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