Posted on Wednesday, 4th October 2017


VOC is a cocktail bar with a distinctive character. Located in Varnishers Yard, a slightly darkened courtyard with a buzzy atmosphere and funky wall art, VOC is within walking distance from King’s Cross station. As for the bar itself, the interior echoes the image of an old Punch House with its heavy wooden paneling, brass elements and illustrious candles, and encourages guests to slow down and linger.

VOC is named after Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (the Dutch East India Company) which was known in centuries past for its strong monopoly over the spice trading routes between Europe and Asia. And thus, VOC draws inspiration from the history of the spice trade for its cocktail menu.

The intention behind the VOC cocktail menu is to create a cosmopolitan menu in keeping with the décor, yet simultaneously evoking the spirit of a bygone by reviving forgotten cocktail recipes. Some of these involved ageing cocktails in wax sealed bottles and oak casks to ensure the richness required to create authentic experiences. Thus the creative and intriguing cocktails are decidedly VOC’s main draw.

Cocktails include Voc Blazer (£8), scotch whisky thrown ablaze with honey, vanilla bitters, orange oils and apricot brandy, and Dirk Hartog Decanter (£15), smoked Ron Zacapa 23,with Pedro Ximinez sherry and honey.

Voc - London Food Blog - Cocktails of Raspberry Shrub & South Sea Mountain

Voc – Cocktails of Raspberry Shrub & South Sea Mountain

One of the most popular cocktails (as advised by the bar) is the Raspberry (£12) Shrub, Pampero Especial bottled with fresh lemon juice, honey and fresh raspberries and bottle matured for at least one week. We tried the Raspberry Shrub and certainly found it delicious and refreshing.

We also really enjoyed the South Sea Mountain (£10), Bombay Sapphire shaken with Maraschino, lemon, treacle and D&B Bitters which offered up a balance between sweetness and acidity.

Also for information, VOC services both a bar and a la carte menu.

Website: http://www.voc-london.co.uk/

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