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Posted on Wednesday, 29th October 2014

Note: Words by Foodpornnation and myself.

We spent three glorious days in York recently and wanted to share with you what we enjoyed most about this lovely city. York was built by the Romans in 71AD and captured by the Vikings in 866 AD. Rich in history, York has evolved into a quaint English city with beautiful boutique shops, delicious eateries and English pubs.

With our handy YorkPass we experienced York’s top attractions for the price of £49.30 for an adult. This is a 3 day pass which gives access to most of the key tourist sites in York. York is compact enough to make your way around by foot and the 3 day YorkPass is a perfectly affordable way to see it all but at the same time shave a substantial amount off the entry fees. The YorkPass gives you access to some 30 attractions including most of our personal favourites below. There are also 1 day passes or 2 day passes if you have less time.

York Minster is a must see while you are in York. It is the most impressive structure in York showcasing stunning examples of medieval stained glass windows. One stained glass window is larger than the centre court in Wimbledon! We would also highly recommend going up to the tower for lovely views of York, seeing the underground museum for the history of the Romans and taking the guided tour to take in the details of the building, timelines and history of York Minster. The hour will fly by! If you’re interested in experiencing the structure in it’s true form, return for Evensong for a real choir service lasting 45 minutes.

Check out York’s Chocolate Story where you will dive and taste your way through how York became the city of chocolate. This interactive tour is great family fun. There is a great mix of info and interaction in the tour and you will learn how chocolate is sourced, how it is made and how to eat it. Then you get to eat it at the end by making your very own chocolate bar! Loads of fun and super tasty!

The York Castle Museum takes a step back in time to the different eras of British history. In the museum you can take a trip down memory lane down at Kirkgate, the Victorian Street and experience what was like to go shopping in York. In the York Prison exhibit you can experience real life accounts of prisoners and you can even look up family members that have been taken prisoner here or were sent to Australia. The Toy Stories exhibit will bring back your inner child and take you through 150 years of toys. It was really sweet to see people’s faces light up when they saw their childhood toys! The spirit of the swinging sixties is kept alive in the exhibit with displays on fashion, music, the Beatles and the moon landing.

The National Railway Museum was one of our personal highlights. Let off some steam by exploring the history of the steam engine trains from Britain and around the world, or the meaning behind Trainspotting or take in the opulence of the Royal train carriages from the Royal family or step into the futuristic Japanese Bullet Train (Shinkansen), the only Bullet Train to ever leave Japan.

Take the time to get out of London to visit York to see this lovely English city see and the lovely people of York. It is a truly beautiful destination filled with fun things to do, not just for adults but for kids too.

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