Storming into Tsunami

Posted on Sunday, 29th March 2009

A girl has to eat, and this time it’s Japanese food! So check out my latest review on Tsunami Japanese Restaurant as I storm my way through a multitude of dishes. I’ve posted it as part of a blog exchange with fellow food blogger, Londoneater.

So to read all, and savour the yummy dishes, click here ‘Tsunami Restaurant Review’.

And be sure to come back here on Wednesday to check out Londoneater’s post.

Happy eating!

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5 Responses to “Storming into Tsunami”

  1. Loving Annie Says...

    Left you a comment there.

    The 4″ heels thing made me laugh – especially since I have some packed in my suitcase and will doubtlessly be doing the same thing 🙂

    Your pictures of the food were very pretty. Sorry they looked better than the dishes tasted for the most part !

  2. 'A Girl Has To Eat' Says...

    Hi Loving Annie,
    Thanks for the lovely compliment. I thought some of the food was excellent, although some dishes worked better than others. For Pan Asian, its not a bad choice. The sashimi and sushi were astounding fresh.

    Now, I expect to see you with your heels on! And I shall do the same!

  3. Kang Says...

    Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent guest post! Your writing is super sharp and the photos were excellent!

  4. Lizzie Says...

    Lovely review – ah, the perils we go through to look good!

    I do wonder though, what are the benefits of guest posting on other people’s blogs?

  5. 'A Girl Has To Eat' Says...

    Thanks Lizzie,
    Yes, the things we girls have to put ourselves through!

    I wanted to swap blogs with Londoneater because I thought it might be fun. I came up with the idea of ‘A Boy Has To Eat Too’ and thought it would be good for a laugh. 🙂

    I have been asked to do another guest post and I’ve said yes. I find it quite a nice way to interact with other bloggers.