Top 10 Cocktails For Any Occasion

Posted on Wednesday, 26th December 2012

If you love experimenting with a cocktail shaker, muddler and strainer, buy spirits online and learn to prepare 10 of the best cocktails perfect for any occasion.

1. Mojito

The mojito, the national drink of Cuba and one of Ernest Hemingway’s favourites, is a winner, no matter which recipe you choose. The traditional Cuban recipe includes white sugar, white rum, mint leaves, lime, club soda, and ice. Golden rum may give the cocktail a stronger taste.

2. Cosmopolitan

The Cosmo is very popular among ladies, especially since Sex and the City became a TV sensation. The cocktail is prepared with citron vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, lime juice, and ice.

3. Margarita

The national cocktail of Mexico is one of the most refreshing and easy-to-make drinks. The classic version is based on tequila – you can use silver or golden tequila – as well as orange liqueur, lemon or lime juice, syrup, and ice.

4. Apple Martini
The delicious cocktail suits any occasion, from weddings to corporate events. Apple martinis should contain at least one ingredient with an apple flavour, be it plain apple juice, puree, or liqueur. You can try mixing apple flavoured vodka, sour apple liqueur, pineapple juice, and apple juice.

5. Caipirinha

The basic ingredient is Cachasa but adding limes, lime juice and brown sugar is essential for giving the cocktail a unique honey taste.

6. Mint Julep
To prepare the cocktail, you can use all the bartending elements from stirring to muddling to straining to shaking. You need bourbon, white sugar, mint leaves, bitters, club soda, lime juice and ice.

7. Bellini
The classic bellini was invented in the favourite bar of Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway opened in 1931. It’s based on chilled champagne or sparkling wine and peach puree or juice.

8. Mimosa
The recipe is probably the easiest one. By mixing chilled sparkling wine and orange juice, you get a light drink perfect for brunch.

9. Manhattan

The cocktail contains Italian vermouth, whiskey, and dash angostura. Rye whiskey may be substituted for bourbon if you like.

10. Rum Swizzle
This rum-based cocktail is often called Bermuda’s national drink. It contains rum, angostura bitters, pineapple juice, orange juice, and sweet syrup.

Stick to classic recipes or experiment, but use only quality spirits for the cocktails. To make them really avant-garde, use ice in different shapes, sizes and flavours.

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