Tip for an Excellent Dinner First Impressions

Posted on Tuesday, 19th April 2022

First impressions are the one and only chance you get to set the bar of what others can expect from you. From your interview for a job to meeting the potential in-laws, the first impression that they get from you will always be the magnetic north in the back of their minds. And no other first impression is more important than when you have people over for dinner for the first time. In this blog, we will discuss what you can do in preparation for this big event.

The Shopping List
To make sure that you give a good and lasting first impression on your guests, it all starts with your shopping list. Ensure that you go over the menu you set out and cross off the ingredients you already have and what you need. Rather use a shopping list app than a paper because Murphy has a nasty habit of making that list disappear when you get to the shop. If you think you might have enough of a particular ingredient in your cupboard (or it might cut it close), instead add it to the list and buy extra. You don’t want to come to the crossroads where the ingredient wasn’t enough, and now you have to decide if you will use a substitute or can the dish.

The Menu
The star of the night, the reason why people are coming, and you are nervous – the menu. When deciding on the menu, you need to consider a few things. The season you are in (it’s always best to use in-season items), the time of day (is it a brunch, lunch, or dinner?), and everyone’s allergies (no one wants a hospital run). If it’s dinner, make sure you make a complete plan. This means making sure there is a starter, main, and dessert. Starters must be light and a pallet teaser. Typically it’s either a salad or soup, but you can mix it up with a few canapes. For your mains, make sure that the meat is cooked correctly (especially pig and chicken) and remember that the sides are just as important. Depending on the meat, there are various sides you can cook. From jacket potatoes to roasted asparagus with parm. The desert is what will round the whole evening off. You can bake a cheesecake or go for something airy like a chocolate mousse.

So your food is all good to go, and you feel like a real master chef, but there are still several things you need to do to bring home a solid first impression. First, the table setting is vital! Clean linen with no wrinkles. Ensure there are no chips in your china and that your cutlery is polished. Is the wine in the fridge, and do you have ice? Do you have alternatives for those that don’t drink alcohol? Are your dining room and kitchen clean for their arrival? Finally, don’t forget about yourself! Make sure you set out adequate time for yourself to get ready. Yes, it was hard getting everything ready, but having a sweaty appearance will not be appetizing for your guests.

First impressions. You can love them or hate them, but they will happen in your life. So instead, be prepared and deliver the best of yourself. Because, after all, you only get to do it once.

This is a collaborative post.

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