2009 Chocolate Festival – Southbank

Posted on Monday, 23rd March 2009

A call to chocolate lovers! The 2009 Chocolate Festival will be coming to London’s Southbank between Friday 3 to Sunday 5 April 2009 (11am to 8pm daily, 6pm Sunday). And it’s free to attend! There will be chocolate tastings (yum!), chocolate cakes, chocolate workshops, chocolate fountains, chocolate art, chocolate books, chocolates with wine, chocolate demonstrations, chocolate truffles, organic chocolates, chocolate milkshakes, hot chocolate, and even chocolate beauty products. What more could you want?

William Curley, the winner of the 2009 Best British Chocolatier prize for the third year running (as awarded by The Academy of Chocolate), will also be hosting a stall.

And here’s another date for your diary. Chocolate Week 2009 will run from 12 to 18 October 2009.

Summary information:
The Chocolate Festival at:
Southbank Centre Square
Belvedere Road
Outside Royal Festival Hall
Friday 3 – Sunday 5 April 2009
11am – 8pm daily (6pm Sunday)
Email: thechocolatefestival@yahoo.co.uk
Web: http://www.chocolate-festival-southbank-london

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4 Responses to “2009 Chocolate Festival – Southbank”

  1. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie Says...

    You’re going to go, of course? Take lots of pictures, please!

  2. Gourmet Chick Says...

    A chocolate festival! Sounds brilliant.

  3. Sam Says...

    Wow that sounds good! I wish I could go.

  4. Sapuche Says...

    I’m so envious of you. Please get there early, stay late, bring your camping equipment and don’t leave until the festival is long over, and make sure you eat very little the night before it starts so that you’ve got a raging appetite for the festival. Oh, and as Natasha says, take lots of pictures. And have fun!