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Posted on Thursday, 3rd December 2015


Chef Omar Allibhoy’s Tapas Revolution has locations in Shoreditch, Westfield, Bluewater and Grand Central, Birmingham. We recently visited the Shoreditch branch. The restaurant was about a third full, and had a pleasant buzz to it. Built around a central bar, the design of the restaurant embodies a modern Spanish wine and tapas bar.

Having eaten our fair share of Spanish food and visited a good handful of the acclaimed tapas restaurants in London, we have a good understanding of classic tapas. Staple dishes were therefore our primary focus as we feel a good tapas restaurant should be able to produce these to a high standard without breaking sweat.

Service was relaxed and friendly. We started with a glass of pleasant and affordable cava and a fresh and fruity Godello from Galicia. With these they brought us a small basket of bread sticks and sliced salchichon to snack on.

Tapas Revolution - London Food blog - Croquetas

Tapas Revolution – Croquetas

Our first round of tapas consisted of pan con tomate (£2.95), croquetas de jamón (£5.50), boquerones (£4.50) and tortilla de patatas (£5.25). The food arrived as it was ready, giving us chance to graze and chat freely while also appreciating each dish individually.

The pan con tomate arrived first. Finely minced tomato, light garlic, large chunks of light and fresh ciabatta-like bread. It was good, but not exceptional. We differed in opinion on whether the bread could have been better or perhaps the rub could have had more of a kick from the olive oil and garlic.

Tapas Revolution - London Food Blog - Pan con tomate

Tapas Revolution – Pan con tomate

Boquerones were neatly presented with a decent amount of olive oil and roasted garlic. Good quality fish and balance to this dish.

Tapas Revolution - London Food Blog - Boquerones

Tapas Revolution – Boquerones

The croquetas were a decent size, really good crisp coating and quite creamy mash. The pieces of jamon were quite small, no fat or gristle, and good flavour. However, the layer of dough between the crisp shell and the potato was a little thick for our taste, and the mash could have been creamier. Overall, these were good, but not exceptional.

The tortilla was a fun, mini tortilla – the perfect portion for two. The waitress had asked whether we minded it being served slightly runny in the middle – of course we were happy, also of the opinion that this is the best way to serve it, but it is good that they ask. Unfortunately, despite it being perfect in the middle, the tortilla was actually a little dry towards the edges. As with the other dishes, good but not great.

Tapas Revolution - London Food Blog - Tortilla

Tapas Revolution – Tortilla

After these we were left a little underwhelmed. We had a couple of dishes lined up in our minds, but decided to ask the camarera (waitress) what she recommended. She said that both of the carpaccios were good, however rather than going for two cold dishes she suggested getting the atún con mojo verde (£8.50) (Tuna carpaccio with green sauce) and the chorizo a la parrilla (£5.50) (grilled chorizo). We also ordered a couple of glasses of red wine to finish our mains: Garnacha from Navarra and a Rioja.

The tuna arrived first and was a refreshing uplift from the previous dishes. Thickly cut for carpaccio, perfectly seared, firm texture and delicate flavour. Delicious. Topped with a tangy lime mojo sauce that complemented it beautifully. A little too much lime in the sauce, but overall very exciting and very good.

Tapas Revolution - London Food Blog - Tuna Carpaccio

Tapas Revolution – Tuna Carpaccio

The chorizo was fantastic from the first bite. Served sliced in half and with dark lines fresh from the grill, the meat was tenderer than a typical chorizo. Not bright red either, closer to tawny, the meat was perfectly seasoned with balanced sweetness and a more complex variety of spices than the paprika-intense sausages found all over Spain. Served with charred lettuce and cooked with Asturian cider, this dish was deliciously complex – sweet, spiced, smokey. Yum.

Tapas Revolution - London Food Blog - Chorizo a la plancha

Tapas Revolution – Chorizo a la plancha

For dessert, they had two options and we chose the Torreja over the flan. The closest way to describe this dish is by comparing it to a Spanish version of a French toast. We received a good sized portion, perfect for two to share, firm and creamy texture topped with crispy sugar and cinnamon. We also accepted the suggestion of a digestif to accompany it, the result being a creamy liquor akin to Baileys.

Tapas Revolution - London Food Blog - Torrejas

Tapas Revolution – Torrejas

Overall, we left the restaurant pretty satisfied. For the first half of the meal, we were dangerously underwhelmed (despite the food being ok) as we expected more. Seeking the advice of the waitress turned out to be a winning move. Not at the level of Brindisa and Boqueria, but better than an average high street tapas chain.

1. Chorizo a la plancha
2. Tuna Carpaccio

1. Underwhelming staple dishes

Food rating: 3/5
Service rating: 3.5/5

Price: Around £40 for two excluding service and drinks. It’s worth noting that menus and prices vary slightly between locations.

Website: https://www.tapas-revolution.com/

Note: A guest post by O&M – husband and wife brought together through their mutual and growing appreciation of food and travel. Their conversations revolve mostly around food and their trips abroad include walking itineraries to as many food venues as they can fit in. In their spare time they are slowly eating their way through London and the World before their metabolism takes notice.

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