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Posted on Wednesday, 31st December 2008

I am all turkey-ed out. I wonder if this is a common affliction for lots of people just after Christmas. Not only did I partake in a 5 kilogram turkey on Christmas day, but the day after Boxing Day my flatmate proceeded to roast another 5 kilogram turkey. To put this all into context for you using the ratio of turkey to the number of heads, the Christmas Day turkey was with four other friends, although two of the four are vegetarians, so really the turkey was for three. And the turkey I enjoyed on the day after Boxing Day was just for my flatmate and I, that is, for just two people. So yes, lots of turkey leftovers. Four days on, and we’ve only just started to make a dent so you can probably see why I am all gobbled out.

My flatmate's turkey, based with glorious duck fat. Yum

My flatmate's turkey, based with glorious duck fat. Yum

It was all wonderfully good though, especially my flatmate’s turkey and, surprisingly, even the breast meat. I am more a thigh person myself as I tend to find breast meat dry, but this was particularly succulent and flavoursome. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was from an organic butcher (bought from the Sheepdrove Organic Farm Family Butcher in Maida Vale) and roasted with lots of glorious duck fat to achieve a crispy, dark brown colour. Yummo. But like I said, I am all turkey-ed out…

Well I guess that’s all the turkey for another year. Here’s to a great 2009.

The Sheepdrove Organic Family Butchery store in London:
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London, UK
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Tel: +44(0)20 7266 3838

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