Making Your Kitchen Fit For Gastronomic Purpose

Posted on Thursday, 30th July 2020

If you adore cooking up a storm in the kitchen but you are less than impressed with your current cabinetry, oven, or kitchen configuration, it might be time to give your space a facelift. Renovating a kitchen can be costly, but it needn’t be. By following this simple guide, you can create a kitchen that is honed to creative cooking perfection. You can enjoy rustling up a feast on your hob, utilizing your ovens for one-pot meals, and having all the gadgets and gizmos you need at your fingertips. Take a look at how you can make your kitchen fit for gastronomic purpose.

Your Oven

The first bit of kit that you need to rescue or replace is your oven. Here, you will be grilling your new marinated sea bass recipe, you’ll be making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, and you’ll be roasting the perfect potatoes. Any flaws in your oven and you will find that your cooking times go awry, an element might not be firing up, and your whole foodie experience becomes frustrating. If you love experimenting with new flavor combinations, you need a kitchen that allows you to do this. Before you head out and buy a new top of the range oven, check out whether an appliance repair will do the trick. You can pick up the parts that you need and fit them yourself. Or, if you aren’t too confident, you could ask a tradesperson to fit them for you, negating the need for a costly big-ticket item.


The configuration of your kitchen is going to be crucial to how much you enjoy cooking up a storm in there. Go with the triangle set up here, your sink and hob and refrigerator should be in a triangular position to one another. This means you will always have everything you need to hand. You can whip out an ingredient from the fridge, get it sauteeing on the hob, and wash a utensil in the sink. This basic layout should be the foundation of your kitchen design. The cabinetry and unit style that you choose are aesthetic. It’s the configuration you need. Think about the sort of storage hacks that will help you to cook more efficiently. Can carousels, wine coolers and spice rack storage can all be beneficial to the amateur cook.


Many people now see their kitchens as the heart of thei>r homes. Larger, more open-plan designs are crucial to help you cope with the rigors of busy life without negating your cooking passion. A dine-in kitchen means that you can watch the kids doing their homework at the dining table while you rustle up a stunning dinner for the family. Having the space and light within your kitchen will also make it a more pleasant environment to cook in.

Kitchens are often generic spaces that we are forced to cook in. However, if food and gastronomic fayre is your passion, follow this guide and enjoy a kitchen that is fit for purpose.

Note: This is a collaborative post.

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