Luxury Design On A Budget: Industry Tips To Help Your Business

Posted on Wednesday, 27th November 2013

What’s the first thing that you notice when walking down the high-street? Town and cities across the UK are full of shops and restaurants all competing for your custom. From bright lights, to amazing offers, to distinct and bold branding, businesses use an array of tactics to bring people through the door.

When it comes to food however, people are a lot more particular when choosing where to dine. It will come as no surprise that the layout and design of your restaurant, bar or café plays a huge role in people deciding between your venue and the establishment down the road. So what can you do to bring customers through the door?

Eclipse furniture

Eclipse furniture

Grab Your Customers Attention

Interior design isn’t just about one thing. It’s about a collection of ideas and styles that help create an atmosphere and ambience that truly reflects your menu. Remember, your customers will be dining and relaxing in your venue for an hour or two, so it’s important they feel comfortable and captivated by the experience.

But such investment can cost a lot, right? Wrong. You can create a luxury look without the luxury expense and here’s how…

#1 – Shabby Chic

The pinnacle of rustic design, a shabby chic design can renovate not only old furniture, fittings, walls and ceiling, but also renovate the look and feel of a venue. A lick of paint, an inspiring pattern or gentle care and attention take can turn that past-it piece into a whole new design.

#2 – Furniture

Similarly, whilst a lick of paint can do wonders, new and stylish design could be the inspiration you need. By sourcing the expertise of a specialist indoor and outdoor furniture supplier, they can help you find the perfect designs and styles for your establishment. From the modern to the traditional, their expertise will prove invaluable helping you make savings along the way.

#3 – Artwork

A simple, yet intriguing design aspect, but sourcing interesting, unknown and unique artwork to enhance your interior will help your business stand out. From local pieces to foreign designs to captivating patterns, always keep your overall theme and vision in mind in order to help the image of your business.

Eclipse furniture

Eclipse furniture

#4 – Energy Efficiency

A long-term investment, but looking at how you can cut costs with energy–efficient investments will allow you more budget to spend on other aspects of the business. Things such as energy-efficient light bulbs, smart metres and power-saving extension leads are cheap and will help you save money and energy.

#5 – Outdoor Spaces

If your property is blessed with outdoor facilities – utilise them. In the summer months, people don’t want to be crammed in doors so create an outdoor area for all to enjoy. Finding the right outdoor furniture again, is made simple worth help of specialist furniture suppliers so give your venue a new dimension, without spending a fortune.

Phil Warrington, a successful restaurant owner, looks at ways you can enhance the appearance of your business, without breaking the bank. Furniture is one of the most important design features and he recommends Eclipse Furniture; specialist hotel, bar and restaurant furniture manufacturers and suppliers.

This is a guest post by Eclipse Furniture.

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  1. Christine Says...

    Restaurant interiors go a long way in defining the ambiance. Each element of the interiors should ensure that it registers in the customers mind. Besides restaurants serving good food are known by the quality of food they serve and the speciality that the chef’s brings on to the table. Its all about relishing food at the best dining place where one would frequently love to visit.