Little Red Pocket – Japanese Food, Sake, Cocktails and More

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd September 2015


There are many restaurants and bars to visit, but the Little Red Pocket cocktail bar in Melbourne, Australia offers the best cocktails the city has and can offer. Quiet, discreet and overlooking Melbourne’s central district, the bar is a gem hidden in the streets of the city. Little Red Pocket serves traditional and Japanese inspired cocktails that are bound to give the feeling of Japan’s national spirits. Their cocktail menu is filled with many different refreshing and tantalizing flavors that aim to bring out the Japanese spirits to its audience.

When it comes to their drinks they have their house favorites or their pride and joy, The Fallen Blossom. This drink is recommended as an introduction to Sake newbies. Their sake is mixed with fresh ingredients that add wonderful flavors to your taste buds unlike most standard drinks. Sake is a strong Japanese alcohol that has been serving the Japanese culture for a long time, it has a very strong flavor and odor so it may seem unattractive to other people, but Little Red Pocket’s touch to the Japanese sake makes it easier for others to enjoy the taste and feel of the drink and tastes great as mentioned before.

The cocktail bar not only offers delicious cocktails, it is also the best Japanese restaurant in the city. Shouldering the Japanese cuisine they also offer Japanese tapas embracing its genuine tastes like Gyoza, Takoyaki, Wagyu Steak, Ebi Mayo among others.

Enough about drinks and sides, their main meals is also something worth mentioning. Forget the Teriyaki dons from the other restaurants; the Little Red Pocket also serves the different dons of the Japanese food culture. But of course, Little Red Pocket also adds its own touch while retaining the Japanese taste and if you have been to other Japanese restaurants you will be able to tell the difference!

From cocktails, sakes and other drinks to tapas, sides and main meals, being probably on of the best Japanese restaurants in Melbourne, Little Red Pocket does not just end there. To finish the perfect dinner or night out, why not have some dessert? Something sweet for the stomach or just craving for ice cream, Little Red Pocket offers their own version of Black Sesame Ice Cream, and Green Tea Ice Cream. Even with a short dessert list, it continues to impress.

To top it off, after the restaurant closes it opens into a night club and continues to please it’s customers! If you are ever in the Melbourne CBD then Little Red Pocket is a must to visit!

Note: This is a guest post.

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