Freelancers: Here are 5 Tips to Remain Happy and Healthy While Working from Home

Posted on Wednesday, 6th October 2021

Freelancers: Here are 5 Tips to Remain Happy and Healthy While Working from Home

Freelancing can be tiring, especially to the mind and body. You spend most of your time sitting behind your computer, which can affect your ability to stay fresh and keep your creative juices flowing. Therefore, you have to identify a few ways to remain focused and keep your body healthy. Continue reading to identify five ways that you can remain happy and healthy while freelancing from home.

Get away from your computer every hour
Spending several hours in front of your computer can cause nearsightedness, eye fatigue, and headaches. Therefore, you should make an effort to leave your computer at least for a few minutes every hour. By doing so, you will help your eyes to focus on objects far away and also exercise them. When taking a break from your computer, you can also exercise your body by taking a walk around your home, or you can eat away from your computer.

Hydrate more
While coffee may fuel you to continue working, water is more important for your mind and body. Not keeping your body hydrated can cause headaches, fatigue and affect your ability to focus. However, if you find water boring because it doesn’t have taste, you can add mint, lemon, or cucumber to your water. In addition, you may also opt for tea instead of strong coffee.

Minimize sitting time
Working as a freelancer means that you spend long hours sited on your computer. However, sitting for a long period can affect your health. For this reason, you may want to consider a standing desk. Remember also to stand more often when receiving phone calls and take breaks after every 1 hour.

Always sit properly when working
Freelancing from home means sitting for long hours, but do you sit properly? It’s important that you always be conscious about your posture and how you sit. Most professionals recommend sitting upright and not leaning forward. Also, it’s important to bend your knees at right angles and rest your feet flat on the floor. It will also be a good idea to get an adjustable back posture corrector from ECOGEAR FX if you’re always hunched over your desk for hours.

Remain motivated
It’s challenging to even think about physical exercise after spending more than 10 hours in front of your computer. Therefore, pushing yourself to exercise every morning or evening will require more effort. Keep in mind that physical exercises can help keep your mind fresh and your body fit. With a fresh mind, you will be more motivated to work harder. However, if you have trouble working out or don’t feel like doing so, try to move around for a few minutes several times a day. You can use this time to walk your dog or skip in your yard.

Bottom Line
While working from home sounds like a great idea, most freelancers aren’t as active as people who work in offices from 9 to 5. You don’t walk around more often, and you don’t have to leave your desk several times a day. However, whether you’re a freelance writer or you run your own online business from home, you may want to use the above tips to remain happy and healthy.

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