Douwe Egberts Competition – Video #3

Posted on Wednesday, 2nd December 2009

Note: This competition has now closed.

This is the third in a series of 3 short films which I have been featuring as part of the Douwe Egberts competition where they chart the fascinating story of coffee and the classic Cappuccino, including how it all began for Douwe Egberts. The final of the three films will take you to the beautiful coffee farms of Colombia, where it all began, and introduce you to the passionate farming families who have been growing the finest beans for generations. Narrated by James Nesbitt, we hope you enjoy the video!

To win the Christmas Hamper prize that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago (6x Etienne Products, Cafetiere, 2x Mugs, 1x Thermos Travel Mug and 1x Douwe Egberts storage tin), share your favourite coffee based recipe or drinking suggestion with us. To enter, simply post your recipe or suggestion in my comments box below by the end of this week and we’ll select the most original or inventive one as our winner. Good luck!

The videos are paid for advertising.

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5 Responses to “Douwe Egberts Competition – Video #3”

  1. KK Says...

    is the deadline this Sunday?;) and would you like pix or just the recipe will do?

  2. Kath Amis Says...

    My friend gave me this delicious and easy dessert recipe and I must have passed it on to dozens of people –I hope you like it.

    Mix together 150 grams of white breadcrumbs and 150 grams of Demerara sugar.
    Add 30 grams of drinking chocolate powder and 15 grams of instant coffee powder
    Whip up 650 ml of cream (or cream substitute) to soft peak.
    In serving dish layer cream and dry mix- end with cream on top
    Grate chocolate on top to finish
    Chill in fridge for about an hour/hour and a half

  3. A Girl Has to Eat Says...

    Hi Kath
    Your recipe sounds delicious! And it also sounds really easy to make.

  4. Katrina Says...

    Here’s my favorite coffee recipe, which I find made best (very fittingly to this latest film) with bright and fruity Colombian ‘Grupo Asociativo Quebradon’ (Monmouth, where else):

    Turkish coffee

    Inspite of having spent very close to London Green Lanes (where many Turkish communities had settled in some decades ago), I had learnt this recipe whilst travelling in Turkey last year, during Bayram, the 3-day celebration at the end of Ramadan – fiercly strong and sugary tiny cups of coffee are served repeatedly with luscious bites of baklawa, whilst going from one house of a relative to another…

    You need:

    2 tsps of very finely grounded coffee
    1 tsp of brown (or other) sugar
    half a cup of water (some way still mineral is best)

    1 dzezva (a Turkish coffee maker with a long handle)

    Put all the ingridients in your dzezva, place over the lowerst possible heat. Stir with a spoon carefully and wait…after some 3-5 minutes bubbles will start appearing on the surface, and the thick mixture will start travelling up. Stay put and don’t move your eyes away – you need to take the dzezva off the heat when the liquid has almost reached the rim. Pour the foam that will appear on the top into a cup (the old fashioned dainty cup is needed here) – you’ll still have half the liquid in the coffee maker, put it back on the heat, let coffee buble up to the surface again and pour the remainder into your cup.

    No milk, cream or additional sugar. Just seep the dark gold enjoying the bitter-sweet taste and luxirious texture. Do not forget to use the remainer of the coffee at the bottom on the cup for future-telling. Essential.

    (apologies for the types, the cursor on your lovely blog doesn’t work C!)

  5. will phipps Says...

    You can’t beat affogato – espresso poured over vanilla ice cream..