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Posted on Wednesday, 28th May 2014

Cookery School - Our charming host, Rosalind

Our charming host, Rosalind

I went to a cooking social at Cookery School last Thursday hosted by its founder Rosalind Rathouse. Cookery School opened ten years ago and aims to bring cooking to a wider audience by demystifying and simplifying some classic home cooking techniques. What’s more, and this is the piece I admired the most about Cookery School, is that it focuses on sustainability.

Over 75% of the ingredients used at Cookery School are both organic and sourced locally, all food waste is recycled and Cookery School also has a ‘no plastics’ policy. Therefore, not only does Cookery School not use any plastic, it also chooses supplies that are delivered in glass or tins. It is for this reason that Cookery School was awarded a Three Star Rating – the highest possible – from the Sustainability Restaurant Association (SRA) for the last two years running.

Cookery School - Piping sponge fingers

Piping sponge fingers

Cookery School - Making pasta

Making pasta

Cookery School - Tortellini


As part of the cooking social we were privy to demos on pasta making and the sponge fingers which went into our dessert of the evening, a tiramisu. We then went on to prepare the pasta, construct the tiramisu and cook up asparagus for our pasta dish. There were about 25 of us, food bloggers and food lovers alike, and so it turned proved to be a hugely fun time with us sharing the duties of making pasta. The piece de resistance was finally sitting down around a big communal table to enjoy our cooking with a bit of vino and lovely banter. What a fun evening! Thanks to for organising the event.

Cookery School - Asparagus


Cookery School - Asparagus & tortellini

Asparagus & tortellini

Cookery School - Tiramisu


Cookery School - Dinner



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