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6 Simple Ways To Cut The Cost Of Eating Out

The food industry is buzzing at the moment, new trends like gourmet fast food and veganism, and the introduction of different cuisines from around the world means that you’ve got more choice than ever when it comes to eating out. There are so many amazing restaurants out there serving delicious food and you probably want to try it all. The only problem is, you probably don’t have the money to do that. Eating out can be quite expensive and most of us don’t do it as often as we’d like to because we just can’t afford it.

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But what if I told you that eating out doesn’t always have to be expensive and you could start going out to all of these amazing new restaurants that are popping up nearby? It might sound too good to be true but it isn’t, just use these simple tips and tricks and you can afford to eat out more often.
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Nutritional Eating Solutions You Should Try

Do you feel like your diet is not quite as nutritional as it can be? You’re certainly not the only one in that situation because poor diets are common and increasingly, they’re causing health problems. You should try to improve your health by embracing nutritional eating. The ideas and solutions that you can find below will help you to improve your health and give your body the healthy fuel it needs. - Nutritional Eating

Nutritional Eating

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Make Plant Oils, Fish and Nuts Your Main Sources of Fat

Bad fats in your diet can really damage your health and make the task of shifting excess weight a lot harder than it needs to be. But that doesn’t mean you should skip fat altogether because your body does need fats; it just needs the right kinds. You should aim to make things like fish, nuts and plant oils the main sources of fat in your diet. When you do, you’ll be a lot healthier.

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Tim Anderson Pop-Up – In Aid of FareShare

2011 Masterchef winner Tim Anderson and car brand Citroën recently came together to work on a charity project in aid of FareShare, a charity that tackles food poverty by challenging food waste. For this purpose, Tim created a special five-course tasting menu based on the five senses for a pop-up restaurant known as Delicious by DS5 (one of the cars in the Citroën range). The charity restaurant was held at 89 ½ Worship Street and proceeds from the evening went towards FareShare.

I was excited by the prospect of trying his menu. Winning Masterchef is no mean feat, and his eclectic take on food – at least from what I observed by watching him on Masterchef – showed that he drew a lot from Japanese influences.

The Delicious venue

The Delicious venue

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la vie Restaurant Wins its Third Michelin Star

About six months ago I was treated to a superlative dining experience at la vie Restaurant in Osnabrück, Germany which had two Michelin stars. Particularly memorable was the skrei tartare which was every bit a three star dish.

Well I am happy to say that la vie was awarded a much deserved third Michelin star last week to take Germany’s tally of three star restaurants to nine.

Many congratulations to Chef Thomas Bühner and his team!

To read about that meal, click here.

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