Blaggers’ Banquet at the Hawksmoor, 15th November 2009

Posted on Thursday, 5th November 2009


On the 15th November, we food bloggers (or blaggers as some might like to call us) are taking over The Hawksmoore Steakhouse to host ‘The Blaggers Banquet’ to raise money for Action Against Hunger. Tickets will go on sale for a dinner that us bloggers (although maybe not me) will cook from produce that we’ve blagged. There will be an auction of any other goodies that we might have also managed to blag along the way, with all proceeds from both the ticket sales and the auction to go towards Action Against Hunger.

If you would like to donate anything towards this cause, eg, free dinners, booze, etc, such that we can increase the size of the auction pot, then we would love to hear from you. You can do this by contacting me or emailing

For more details on The Blaggers’ Banquet, you can also visit Eat Like A Girl. I will let you know more about the auction, etc. when I have more info.

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