The Best Places For A Foodie To Live

Posted on Friday, 20th March 2020

The Best Places For A Foodie To Live

If you are someone who just loves food, and you are keen to make your love of food a big part of your life, then this might feed in to your decision about where to live. Some parts of the world are just fantastic places for a food-lover to live, more so than many others, and by focusing on some of those and working out a good place to move to, you might be able to make much more of your love of food in general in your life. The question then is which parts of the world are particularly great for a foodie to live in, and what food can you expect to eat while you are there? Let’s take a look at some of the world’s best places to live for food-lovers.

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If you go and live in a bungalow in Singapore, you are going to find yourself surrounded by some amazing food that you are going to struggle to get anywhere else in quite the same level of quality or the same amount of it. Whether it’s some of the old classics dishes like a pork rib soup, or a modern street food invention like the Wanton Mee, you can be sure that there are plenty of delicious meals to get into. Singapore also has a fancier quarter in which you can find some of the world’s top restaurants offering a range of cuisines, so no matter what kind of fine dining you like you are bound to find it there.


Perhaps you are more of a seafood fan, and you want to go somewhere where you can eat delicious prawns, lobsters and langoustines all day long? Well, Australia is always going to be one of the top seafood places in the world, and in particular the cultural capital that is Sydney. Here you can find many of the best restaurants in the world, especially including some of the best seafood restaurants. If you want to go truly Aussie, you might even think about trying out some Moreton Bay bugs, which are a little like tiny lobsters – and are an absolutely delicious delicacy which are hardly known outside of Australia itself.

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The great thing about London is that you can pretty much get any cuisine that exists in the world there, owing to its huge level of multiculturality. But the thing about London is that not only can you find whatever you want, but you can find one of the best examples of it that is anywhere in the world. So if you are looking for Chinese, Italian, French, or whatever else, you will be able to eat some amazing examples of that cuisine all in the same city. This is just one of the many foodie reasons that draws people to this fine city – but you’ve also got a range of top restaurants offering British food too, and of course all sorts of street food – even down to the world-famous fried peanuts you can find in many of its busier parts.


For anyone who has a special place in their heart for pizza, Naples is going to be an absolute must to live in for a while at least. Naples is very much the home of the traditional Italian pizza, thin-crust and stripped-back, and with a more simple style than is known in many other kinds of pizza around the world. You can still find many places in Naples that will serve you traditional Napalese pizza, and you are going to find that it really is some of the best in the world still. Naples itself is beautiful, vibrant and funky, and an interesting place to live – and a stone’s throw away from Pompeii, so an interesting historical site too.

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Thai food is, for many people, the epitome of Asian cuisine, and if that is how you feel then you are going to want to consider living in Thailand for a while to really get a chance to sample it. Bangkok, the country’s capital, offers some of the most exciting and amazing street food anywhere in the world, including a quickly put together and fried pad thai, the dish for which the country is most famously known. You can also splash out a little extra on some amazing restaurants, and you will find that many hotels have some incredible foods too. If you like your curry hot – and I mean very hot – then Thailand is not going to disappoint your taste buds.

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