Benito’s Hat Farringdon

Posted on Monday, 29th February 2016


Words and Images by guest blogger @nicolemmapearl (twitter/instagram)

Benito's Hat - London Food Blog

Benito’s Hat

Benito’s Hat Farrington is the perfect place to let loose with some Margaritas and Burritos with friends after work. It was therefore no surprise that the bar was full, busy and bustling, with an amazing neon Mexican hat display at its entrance. Benito’s Hat is a chain restaurant with restaurants throughout London, and it does a good job of providing a funky, cool vibe.

Benito's Hat - London Food Blog

Benito’s Hat Farringdon

There was an off the menu margarita making session on the night that we visited and the staff were able to conjure up a variety of concoctions (they range from £6-£7) for us to try. We tasted a range of interesting drinks, first of which was a green, velvety smooth and slightly spicy drink resembling a jalapeños/avocados/salsa mixture. It felt like there was barely any alcohol in it, but was nevertheless quite refreshing and a great start to the evening. Then, there was the refreshing rhubarb margarita, which was my personal favourite. Finally, there was the raspberry margarita which was sickly sweet, but also deadly strong.

Benito's Hat - London Food Blog - Margarita!

Benito’s Hat – Margarita!

We were recommended the ‘Felipe’s Taco Tray’ (£17.75) for 2 people, and later decided to add on tacos filled with succulent grilled steak (each serving comes in 2) with extra guacamole and nacho chips (£5.70 + £2 for guacamole) from the a la carte menu. The tray consisted of a basket of 6 tortilla wraps and a tray of 7 bowls of ingredients: rice, black beans, chipotle grilled chicken with chorizo, salsa, shredded braised pork, esquites, and grated cheese. It was an ideal way to make up each tortilla to our taste. As for the tacos with steak, these were extremely filling and really tasty.

Benito's Hat - London Food Blog - Taco tray

Benito’s Hat – Taco tray

Benito's Hat - London Food Blog - Taco tray

Benito’s Hat – London Food Blog – Taco tray

Overall, I had a great night with a couple of friends. The system is an ‘order and pay’ over the counter style, so it’s an extremely casual and unpretentious place. The food was filling and tasty, the drinks were refreshingly fabulous, and the décor of the venue was really fun. Safe to say, I’d definitely come back here for those steak tacos on my own or perhaps order it via Deliveroo if i’m lazy.


1) Grilled Steak Tacos with cheese and guacamole with added Nacho chips (£7.70 in total)
2) The Felipe’s Taco Tray (£17.70)
3) The inventive margaritas (£6-£7)
4) 2-4-1 Happy hour
5) The decor, which is great fun for a young crowd.


1) Crowded layout
2) Not ideal for groups.

Food rating: 3.5/5
Service rating: 3.5/5

Price: About £10 to £15 a head, excluding drinks.


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