A Taste Of Miami: A Food Lover’s Guide

Posted on Wednesday, 21st November 2018

Diner, South Beach Miami - London Food Blog

Diner, South Beach Miami


Miami is another city to add to your foodie bucket list. Why? Drum roll please…

Miami has been voted as one of America’s top food cities, falling just behind Portland, Oregon and San Francisco! You can find out more here. With some fantastic restaurants, kitschy diners, and the famous South Beach Wine & Food Festival, there is much to tempt your taste buds in this beautiful part of the world.

Interested? Sure you are, so let’s dig in.

Let’s talk about the restaurants. One of the most famous is Joe’s Stone Crab, which featured at number 2 on Food and Wine’s magazine list of the top 40 restaurants in the country. If seafood is your thing, then you owe yourself a visit. Due to their fame, however, long queues are common, though there are plenty of other places worth eating in, some of which are listed here. From the Cuban dishes at Ariete on West Coconut Grove to the Peruvian menu at Le Mar at Brickell Key, you will be spoiled for choice. Follow our link and pick your favourite cuisine.

For those on a budget, Miami has a fine selection of diners. Sure, you may not get the wining and dining experience of Miami’s top joints, but if you’re looking for a slap-up breakfast before a stroll along one of Miami’s beaches, or you simply have a craving for sizzling eggs and bacon instead of something you may not be overly familiar with, then you will get what you want from one of these top-rated diners. And don’t get us wrong – these aren’t your typical greasy spoons! From Jimmy’s Eastside Diner (featured in the movie Moonlight) to the retro vibes of Amelia’s 1931, the diners on our linked list are respectable places to eat in their own right.

To get more from Miami, take a food tour. You can book your places here if you want to get a real taste of what Miami has to offer. Experience the Cuban cuisine on the Little Havana Food and Walking Tour, and sample local cuisine, from guava pastries to flan ice cream. Or take the Food Tour of Miami’s South Beach, with its Cuban, French, Haitian, and Peruvian dishes to discover. Try these or any one of the tours mentioned in the linked article to open yourself up to some tantalising new food experiences.

Food lovers should also do the following. Create your own dining experience, and enjoy the beauty of Miami with a picnic on one of Miami’s sun-soaked beaches, or atop one of the many boat rentals in Miami. And when you’re exploring Miami, you may not want to sit down for a meal, especially when there is so much to see and do. Some of these food trucks put the bigger places to shame, with homemade tacos, empanadas, and grilled steaks for you to grab while you’re on the move. And as mentioned, you should also book a ticket for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, which takes place on the 20th February in 2019. With dinners hosted by some of America’s top chefs, you are guaranteed a fabulous eating experience.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning on taking some vacation time, there is only one thing left to say…

Mmmm Miami!

We’ll see you there!

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