5 Apps To Improve Your Nutritional Health

Posted on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020


Learning new recipes and taking pride in your cooking can help you to improve your nutritional health. For a few apps to support you, these five are great options.

1. Nutrients

Using the Nutrients app, it’s simple to check the nutritional content of any food. Here you can search the nutrition content of thousands of different foods, including the fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The database is accessible offline, so you can still use the app if you find yourself without an Internet connection. The app allows you to keep a food journal, set goals, and track your healthy eating progress.

2. Super Food

The SuperFood app provides plenty of healthy recipes, inspiring you to eat better. There’s a calorie counter, and the option to track the nutrition content of your meals. There is a wide range of different recipes, from vegetarian options to low carb and seasonal dishes. Superfoods are great for strengthening your immune system, getting enough protein, and providing healthy fat for the body. There’s a timer which can help you to prep your meals, and the option to share your recipes on the app. Users will also benefit from the portion calculator and a seasonal vegetable calendar.

3. Daily Harvest

The Daily Harvest app can help you to purchase plenty of delicious foods. Daily Harvest selects only the very best ingredients from organic farmers in your local area. The app has a team of nutritionists and chefs who use these ingredients to make delicious meals. With a click or two, you can have these meals sent straight to your door! You can use the Daily Harvest app to get curated meal plans; the app recommends the best meals based on your preferences and dietary requirements.

4. PlateJoy

The PlateJoy app makes healthy eating super simple. You can use the app to set health and fitness goals and create your own grocery lists and meal plans. There are plenty of different types of meal plans to choose from whether for weight loss, vegan, low fat, or kid-friendly or the Mediterranean diet. All you have to do is take the lifestyle quiz so that the app can gauge your preferences. The app algorithm makes use of up to fifty data points to provide users with a highly personalized meal plan. Eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated, and with the PlateJoy app, it doesn’t have to be!

5 . FishBrain

Fish is one of the healthiest and most nutrient-rich foods out there. It’s packed with both vitamin D, protein and plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. Catching and cooking your own fish is plenty of fun! Fishing is also a therapeutic activity that can help us to feel calm. The FishBrain app is useful to find the best fishing spots, and gain information about improving your fishing skills. The app offers a fishing log, forecast tool and a map. For more information about fishing, check out Tailored Tackle. Remember, only some lakes are suitable for catching fish to eat, so you’ll need to check the water quality and regulations first.

Note: This is a collaborative post.

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