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Scrumptiuous Spring: Lighter Dishes You Will Salivate Over

Posted on Wednesday, 10th June 2020

Scrumptiuous Spring: Lighter Dishes You Will Salivate Over

Joy of joys, springtime is here and we can finally enjoy fresh produce returning to our shops. Nothing beats a ripe apple to go with your morning granola. Hardly anything can touch the delight of fresh peach, cut up into your salad or better yet, vanilla ice cream bowl. There’s something so amazing about spring, that when it comes to food, we naturally decide to eat healthier. The temperatures have risen and that makes us feel a little more bloated when we eat heavier food. The whole family wants to eat a meal together and then, lounge around in the patio or lounge room, to watch the sunset. These are some of the dishes that you will salivate over and race to the kitchen, to make yourself.

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Choosing the Best Sunglasses for You

Posted on Tuesday, 26th May 2020


For many of us, choosing a pair of sunglasses for the summer is just as simple as popping into your favorite retail store, pharmacy, outlet mall or even gas station (on the way out of town to the beach if you’re lucky) and grabbing the first pair that looks cool. Whether you’re into big lenses, tinted glasses, cat-eye glasses, huge, oversized trendy pairs or something else entirely, you’re going to have plenty to choose from, even in the most out-of-the-way places.

London Food Blog - Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Felipe Ferreira

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The Best Places For A Foodie To Live

Posted on Friday, 20th March 2020

The Best Places For A Foodie To Live

If you are someone who just loves food, and you are keen to make your love of food a big part of your life, then this might feed in to your decision about where to live. Some parts of the world are just fantastic places for a food-lover to live, more so than many others, and by focusing on some of those and working out a good place to move to, you might be able to make much more of your love of food in general in your life. The question then is which parts of the world are particularly great for a foodie to live in, and what food can you expect to eat while you are there? Let’s take a look at some of the world’s best places to live for food-lovers.

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If you go and live in a bungalow in Singapore, you are going to find yourself surrounded by some amazing food that you are going to struggle to get anywhere else in quite the same level of quality or the same amount of it. Whether it’s some of the old classics dishes like a pork rib soup, or a modern street food invention like the Wanton Mee, you can be sure that there are plenty of delicious meals to get into. Singapore also has a fancier quarter in which you can find some of the world’s top restaurants offering a range of cuisines, so no matter what kind of fine dining you like you are bound to find it there.

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A Quick Guide To The Mediterranean Diet

Posted on Wednesday, 29th January 2020

London food blog - The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet

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What is the Mediterranean diet
The Mediterranean diet is more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle based on the ways that people used to live in Southern Italy, Greece and their surrounding countries during the 1960s. The reason why the Mediterranean diet isn’t based on the cuisine of these countries now is that, like many other parts of the world, fast food outlets and convenience stores have changed their previously very healthy food culture bringing with it rising obesity levels and health problems.

That Mediterranean diet of old is still widely considered one of the healthiest ways to eat, combining whole plant foods with lean protein sources, good healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado, with whole grains and legumes. The diet also encourages people to eat slowly and socially rather than to fuel convenience and champions regular exercise and positive mental wellbeing.

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Five Tips For Starting Over In A New Town

Posted on Tuesday, 14th January 2020

There is nothing like the feeling of moving to a new city. Getting up and knowing you have new places to explore and new people to meet is exciting; it’s starting fresh, and it feels good to do it. If you’re brave enough to give a move a try, then you need to know how to pull on your coat of courage and get out there!

No matter where you move in the world, you should view this as an exciting opportunity. You’ve already hired the Bekins Moving Solution movers, and you’ve got settled into your new house. So, what comes next? Well, let’s take a look at how you can adjust to a new city.

Five tips for starting over - London Food Blog

Five tips for starting over

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The Kings Arms Hotel and The Six Restaurant

Posted on Monday, 16th December 2019

The Kings Arms Hotel and The Six Restaurant

The Kings Arms Hotel and The Six Restaurant, a 14 bedroom hotel with a restaurant is strategically located within walking distance of the Royal Hampton Court Palace and leafy Bushy Park. The property has been lovingly renovated to highlight the features and the unique proportions expected with a mature property, a Grade 2 listed building dating back to 1709.

London Food Blog - Kings Arms Hotel & Six restaurant

Kings Arms Hotel & Six restaurant

On entry, the pink and pale grey tones of the lounge and reception create a relaxed environment for the arrival for guests. Antique marble tables and period seating offer a comfortable and cosy setting, whilst an abundance of greenery brings a unique orangery style to the space, designed to harmonise its surroundings. In The Six Restaurant, pale walls are lined with deep navy banquettes, and in keeping with the period style of the property, the original wooden fireplace has been beautifully restored.

London Food Blog - Six restaurant

Six restaurant

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1947 London

Posted on Wednesday, 13th November 2019

From the founders of the award-winning Chai Thali group, 1947 London is a modern Indian restaurant and cocktail bar set in an opulent subterranean space on just off Fitzrovia’s buzzing Charlotte Street (the entrance is on Rathbone Place). At the helm is Chef Krishna Negi who is a protege of Michelin-starred Vineet Bhatia. At 1947 London he has created a menu which pays tribute to recipes that evolved out of the movement of peoples and cultures during the partition in 1947.

The look and feel of 1947 London is glamourous, with sumptuous textures and warm dark colours to set the mood. Most enchanting are the giant-sized hand-crafted roses crafted by paper artist Karen Navalta which decorate the entrance of the restaurant and cocktail bar. Using recycled cardboard, Karen turned these into 1000s of petals, stems and buds, and then painstakingly hand sprayed them in rose-gold, copper and frosted plum to create a striking wall feature.

London Food Blog - 1947 London

1947 London

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How to cut out unhealthy food from your life

Posted on Monday, 7th October 2019

It’s a shame that most food that tastes good is usually unhealthy. You don’t need to scrap out everything you love eating completely, it’s just about eating in moderation and ensuring you get some daily fitness into your routine. Here are a few tips for cutting out the unhealthy food in your life.

London Food Blog - Burger

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Plan Out Your Meals
Meal prep is essential when it comes to eating healthy. When you don’t plan ahead, trying to decide on a healthy meal when you’re hungry normally results in you buying something that’s not fresh or ends up being processed. That’s because when you’re hungry, your body is just focused on getting food into your stomach. So take a moment at the start of the week to plan your shopping list and to prep your meals in advance. That way, you’ve got the food you need, planned for the week ahead, and that everything you’ve bought is mostly fresh and not containing all those ingredients that aren’t good for you.

Try A Food Subscription Service
Food waste is something many of us try to avoid where possible, and there is more of a conscious effort to waste less. A food subscription service might be a good thing to try out if you’ve not yet given it a go. Meal kits for families are very popular in many households, but you can also get subscription services for smaller households of couples or individuals. These meals come with a how-to guide of how to cool it and has all the ingredients specific to the meal. That means less waste and hopefully saving more money in the process.

Give Something A Try Once
There’s probably plenty of food that you’ve yet to try, or maybe you tried when you were younger and hated. Your taste buds do change over the years, and those who loved sugar as a child may now prefer savory as a treat for dessert. It’s always best to live by the rule of trying something once when it comes to food. You may surprise yourself and end up liking some of the healthier options that never seemed appealing in the first place. Try everything once and give yourself the opportunity to revisit a certain food later on in life as you may find your taste buds have changed, and you now like it.

Avoid Certain Aisles When Shopping
When food shopping in a grocery store, it can be very easy to drop food into your shopping trolley or basket. There will be certain aisles in a store that have more unhealthy food options, and this can be a distraction from what you’re trying to aim for. So when you shop in-store, try to avoid any aisles where the unhealthy, junk food lives. Make a rule for yourself that when in line for the checkout, you do an audit of your shop and take out anything that may have slipped its way in.

Having a good relationship with food is essential to living a long and healthy life!

This is a collaborative post.

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