What To Wear As A New Mum

Posted on Wednesday, 14th December 2022

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Many women end up having to buy new clothing during pregnancy. But what about after birth? Can’t you just return to the clothes you were wearing before you got pregnant? In most cases, not immediately. In order to heal, it could be important to choose comfortable clothing. On top of this, if you’re breastfeeding, you may want to consider clothes that make nursing your baby easier. This post offers a few tips as to some of the clothes that could be worth incorporating into your postpartum wardrobe.

Embrace elasticated waists

Thought you’d be able to slip back into your old jeans again after giving birth? Think again. As many new mums discover, it can take weeks for the bump to contract. You may also find that you’ve gained some extra weight during pregnancy – and it could take some time to shed this. As a result, it could be worth buying some new jeans and leggings with a slightly larger waistline. Elasticated waistlines are a great comfy solution that can support your tummy as it contracts. If you’ve had a c-section, an elasticated waistline could also help to reduce irritation and pain while your scar heals

Buy the right bra

Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, it could be worth buying yourself a new bra for when the baby arrives. It’s normal for the breasts to become heavier and change shape during the late stages of pregnancy/early stages of motherhood. A nursing bra could help to support your breasts. These bras also have latches that allow you to easily expose your nipple when your baby needs to feed. These nursing bras available here show you some of the different styles.

Explore nursing tops

Nursing tops are designed to have a similar function to nursing bras – they allow easy access when breastfeeding without having to expose as much skin. There used to be not much choice when it came to nursing tops, but nowadays you can buy them in all kinds of styles. Try shopping online to see what you can find.

Avoid tight undies

After giving birth, you may have a lot of soreness down below and maybe even some stitches. Consequently, you may want to give the bikini bottoms a break. High-waisted maternity briefs are the best type of underwear to help with recovery – they’re least likely to irritate scarring. It’s worth choosing underwear made from a breathable fabric such as cotton.You can find maternity underwear online.

Keep it loose

A good rule of thumb when it comes to postpartum clothing is to avoid anything that’s tight and restrictive. Now is not the time to be squeezing yourself into tight jeans, tops and shoes. You’re going to have lots of aches and pains, which are going to be made worse by the reduced sleep that you’re getting, so you deserve to dress comfortably. Loose clothing such as baggy tops and slip-on shoes will help you to relax. Such clothing is also less likely to cause irritation. Consider whether you need to buy some loose clothing if your wardrobe is largely slim-fitting outfits.

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