When the Honeymoon is Over – Cookery School (Day 18)

Posted on Sunday, 28th June 2009

They say in a relationship there is a honeymoon period, during which time you are usually on your best behaviour. But there will come a point in the relationship when the dynamics change, and there is no longer a need to be polite to one another. Well, it seems that ours is well and truly over. Readers will know that a few weeks ago, G and R came to blows over the use of one pasta rolling machine, resulting in G descending into a heated tirade. This week, it was my turn to loose my cool.

So my bust up was with J, who isn’t the most considerate of people. He seems to operate within his own set of rules and he never listens to what Chef tells him to do. He’s irritated some of the others in the class before due to his tardiness and lack of co-operation, and many a time I’ve caught him leaving his mess behind for someone else to clean up, whether it be in the kitchen or in the cafeteria. He’s had the odd go at me too, seemingly for no apparent reason, and typically I just ignore him. But this week, I simply had enough.

In what I saw as an attempt to try and flex his territorial muscle, he scowled at me because I had taken the communal salt container and left it at my work station rather than returning it to the central work area straight away. It was only salt, and ok, it was a bit inconvenient for the others, but it was pretty rich coming from him. And as I didn’t like the way he talked to me, I was having none of it. So I snapped back, and told him to stop complaining all the time, and that he ought to taking a look at his own behaviour before judging that of others.

Anyway, enough of the whinging. We worked with filo pastry this week: spring rolls, samosas and a wonderful apple strudel with flaked almonds, raisons, cinnamon and all things nice. Good food can always soothe the soul.

My apple strudel

My apple strudel

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2 Responses to “When the Honeymoon is Over – Cookery School (Day 18)”

  1. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie Says...

    I suppose when you all work so closely in a kitchen the personality conflicts are inevitable 🙂 Great job on the apple strudel!

  2. Hilary Says...

    Sounds like some of your fellow students have learned their kitchen manners from Gordon Ramsay and the like!