The Best Kind of Dates that Bring a Couple Closer Together

Posted on Friday, 9th April 2021

The Best Kind of Dates that Bring a Couple Closer Together

If you have a date coming up or you have your eye on someone that you deem very important, then you’re probably going to be considering the kinds of things you’ll want to do together. A lot of people like to overthink this kind of situation because they want everything to go perfectly. The idea of something awkward happening or making a slight mistake seems like a tragedy in their minds. The good thing is that things never go as badly as our brains trick us into believing they will.

You’re probably going to want to take your date out to a place that brings you two closer together – that’s always the goal. Even those who have been married for decades will want to have lovely date nights that keep the flame burning! If you’re wondering about things you can do together, then here are a few lovely ideas!

Do What You Actually Like Doing

To start with, we may as well mention that a date is supposed to be fun. Too many people focus on trying to impress their date in order to look good or to feel validated. They forget that it’s not supposed to be awkward and that they’re supposed to go and have a good time. In order to really do that, you need to actually do stuff you enjoy. Don’t just go for dinner or to a movie because that’s what people seem to do in general. Pick something that’ll keep the pair of you happy. It removes so much awkwardness when you do this.

Cooking Together

Making food for your partner is not only endearing, but it feels good to do. So, with that said, why not make cooking (or baking) something you two can do on a date night? It’s fun and it’s productive. Even if you make mistakes, you’ll still get to laugh at each other and have a great time. Cooking requires teamwork a lot of the time, so it’s a great little activity that can bring people closer together.

Movie Nights

The great thing about movie nights is that you can have so many different options – especially when you know how to work particular pieces of technology! Chilling out with one another and enjoying the evening’s entertainment is quite a cliché, but it’s a cliché that works for seemingly everyone.

Walking Around Amazing Views

If you’ve ever thought about a couple’s trip with your partner, then you could do a lot worse than a walking holiday around some of the best-looking places. Staring at some amazing landscapes and looking at the stars at night can really fill your heart with a lot of love. They’re the kinds of places that should be experienced with your favorite person in the world.


Again, dancing is something that should be done with a partner, preferably! Learning to dance can be tedious at times, but the teamwork, again, brings you closer together. Once you’ve solved certain moves and figured out what to do, some of the most beautiful dances can bring you close together. Learning how to ballroom dance might seem difficult at first, but getting the hang of it makes you feel so much better together. It also helps when the wedding comes around!

Note: This is a collaborative post.

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