Tempting Bites That Your Guests Won’t Be Able To Stop Eating

Posted on Friday, 11th June 2021

Tempting Bites That Your Guests Won’t Be Able To Stop Eating

When it comes to parties, food often takes center stage. It’s one of the things that people look forward to the most, perhaps even more than the music and conversation.

So as a host, you want to make sure that you get it right. It’s not just about providing incredible entrées, but also whipping up some moreish bites in the kitchen as well.

In this post, we take a look at some of the delicious finger food you can make for your next party. Try them out on your guests and see how they react.

Calamari Bites

Battered calamari is super easy to make and totally delicious. All you need are some frozen calamari strips, some batter, and a fryer.

The way to make them is simple. As you might guess, you just dip all the squid in the batter mix and then quickly plunge it all into your fryer. Then, just wait a few minutes for cooking to happen – usually around 90 seconds – and then serve on a paper towel. Hungry guests will love the fact that they can get some quick, delicious calories.

If you want to take the flavor up a notice, serve with tartar dipping sauce or make your own.

Fried Zucchini

On a similar theme, you might want to learn how to make fried zucchini. This snack makes for great finger food and also provides your guests with a serving of veg. The instructions for making this recipe are pretty simple, so we won’t run through them here. But suffice to say, this is one of the best ways of using up this veggie in your pantry.

Date And Blue Cheese Crackers

Date and blue cheese go together like duck and orange sauce or lemon and dill. The flavors just work, and so you should try to include them together whenever you can.

Here’s a super-simple canapé idea that you can rustle up in a flash: date and blue cheese crackers. How it works is actually very simple. First you take some fresh dates and chop them up quite finely. Then you crumble some blue cheese and put them on round crackers. The trick is to choose relatively small crackers and push the cheese into them so that it doesn’t fall off when guests pick them up.

Cheese-Stuffed Dough Balls

Cheese-stuffed dough balls are another exciting addition to any party menu. Again, the concept here is pretty simple. You take regular dough balls and then infuse them with cheese.

The best way to do this is to take some cheese that goes runny when it melts and then use a squeeze gun to insert it into the core of your dough balls. Then all you have to do is wait for it to cool slightly, and you’re ready to serve.

Chorizo Slices In Puff Pastry

Lastly, if you have a lot of meat eaters at your event, you might want to try them on chorizo slices in puff pastry. Just prepare the pasty according to the instructions, placing slivers of chorizo between the various layers for added taste.

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