New To The Asian Culture? Don’t Travel Before You Read This

Posted on Thursday, 3rd May 2018

Where have you planned your next holiday? If you’re bored of always visiting the same places, you might be tempted into exploring somewhere new and exciting, somewhere like Asia. If you’re not familiar with the various Asian cultures – and by which we automatically discount any knowledge coming from sushi or Chinese takeaway, or from your preferred Kung Fu show – you need to get a little head up before you go. Asia is a vast continent with plenty of exciting destinations. For the purpose of this exercise, we’ve listed eight different countries and the key information you need to know to make the most of your visit. There are, of course, many more places to see and people to meet in Asia, but they will be the object of a next article! For now, these are the top things you need to know before visiting Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Laos, and Cambodia.

Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha

Things you need to know before going to Malaysia
Malaysia is a place of cultural diversity and phenomenal landscapes so that you’ll find yourself addicted to your camera for the duration of your stay. The most important thing to know about Malaysia is that you want to avoid taxis. While local public transportation might need longer to reach your destination, you’ll find that you’re less likely to be overcharged for a quick journey. Additionally, being the world’s most Muslim-friendly destination, the country has developed a loose definition of bacon, offering rashers of chicken, turkey, and beef as part of the hotel breakfast buffet. In fact, if you love your bacon, you’ll probably need to look for rentals, such as a Melaka apartment for the holiday, where you’ll find a lot of Chinese-run restaurants that offer pork. Otherwise, you’ll need to accept that Malaysia doesn’t rhyme with bacon-mania.

Things you need to know before going to Thailand
Millions of tourists visit Thailand every year, so if you want to enjoy your time without getting lost in the crowd, you want popular spots, such as animal tourism. Many places in Thailand offer animal-based activities, from elephant trekking. Unfortunately, by signing up for these, you’re only supporting companies that mishandle animals for money. Additionally, if you find wild animals, such as monkeys, remember not to feed them. You might receive a bite which can become infected.

Explore Asian Culture at your pace

Explore Asian Culture at your pace

Things you need to know before going to Vietnam
Vietnam is a popular destination too, but you need to be prepared for long queues at the airport to get your visa checked. Do make sure to get your vaccinations six to eight weeks in advance, as you don’t want to risk traveling with post-jab fever. You’ll be surprised to know that you can pay with US dollars for most tourist attractions in Vietnam, but Dong, the local currency, often works out cheaper.

Things you need to know before going to China
China is a vast country, with a variety of landscapes and a rich history. In fact, the country is so vast that most tourists don’t know what to expect. Here’s a little tip for you: People don’t speak English. So you need to either learn the language or use Google Translate. The death penalty being very strict, you won’t have to worry about theft, which is good news. However, don’t be offended if people stare at you. The Western culture is admired in China, so accept the attention and be patient.

Things you need to know before going to Indonesia
Indonesia, in comparison, has a better grasp of English in most touristic areas and some indigenous languages use the Latin alphabet. Also, if you’ve travelled through Europe mainland, you’ll be pleased to now that Indonesian uses two pin plugs too. Additionally, don’t be fooled the currency, as $1 (US) equals around 13,000 Rupiah. In short, high prices don’t mean it’s expensive!

Things you need to know before going to Laos
Laos is one country that tourists easily forgets, meaning that you’re less likely to run into a crowd of foreigners taking pictures if you plan your holiday there. However, it doesn’t mean that’s nothing interesting in Laos. In fact, the country is culturally rich and incredibly picturesque. The food in Laos is a delicious mix of sticky rice, exotic fruits, lemongrass and marinated meat or fish. In short, if you love Thai or Vietnamese food, you should be fine in Laos. Besides the French influence from the colonial period has brought plenty of delicious specialties.

Things you need to know before going to Cambodia
Cambodia is ideal for Lara temple of Angkor Wat is an incredible experience, but the history of the country has known some dark days too with the Khmer Rouge. As for local transportation, get a tuk-tuk to travel in town as it’s the cheapest and most effective way to reach your destination.

Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, which one of these exciting destinations get your vote for your next holiday? If you can’t choose now, have a check for Asian cruise packages instead!

Note: This is a collaborative post.

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