Konditor & Cook – Their Spooktacular Halloween Range

Posted on Tuesday, 20th October 2015

Konditor & Cook have long been tantalising London taste buds with their delectable range of chocolate brownies and their ‘to-die-for cakes’ including their famous Curly Whirly cake, a dark chocolate cake decorated with a cream cheese frosting. And ahead of Halloween, Konditor & Cook have launched their ‘oh-so-scary’ Spooktacular range of delicious treats including a Haunted Gingerbread House, a selection of Magic cakes and a Trick or Treat Box with a range of mini bakes.

Konditor & Cook - London Food Blog - Goodge Street Branch

Konditor & Cook -Goodge Street Branch

Konditor & Cook sent me three of their cakes and pies to try, and I must confess to being totally blown away by the pumpkin pie (£22). The filling had a gentle flavour of pumpkin, was nicely spiced and was not too sweet. It also had an excellent texture, one that was smooth and creamy. The sweet pastry base was a little soft, but the filling was so spectacular that it more than made up for pastry.

Konditor & Cook - London Food Blog - Pumpkin pie

Konditor & Cook – Pumpkin pie

I also loved the ‘Layered Spider’s Lair, a delicious cake made with layers of different coloured vanilla sponge that was moist, buttery and meltingly good. It was also ‘scarily’ decorated as a spiders’ lair – firstly smothered with a decadent coating of chocolate ganache and then topped with some ‘spooky’ chocolate ganache creepy crawlies, a ‘compost’ of scrumptious chocolate cake crumbs and spiky chocolate shards.

Konditor & Cook - London Food Blog - Spiders' Lair

Konditor & Cook – Spiders’ Lair

A pecan pie (£25) was also very appetising with a gorgeous topping of crunchy pecan nuttiness. The filling consisted of a gooey caramel which was really well made, but which was also quite rich and very sweet. Here, the base was a delicious buttery shortbread which I really enjoyed.

Konditor & Cook - London Food Blog - Pecan pie

Konditor & Cook – Pecan pie

There was more cake and pie than I could eat, or ought to eat. Of course I shared some with friends and family, but I also welcomed the opportunity to donate some of the extras to the St Mungo Association, a homeless shelter on Harrow Road. Thank you Konditor & Cook for allowing me to taste some of your delicious Halloween delights. I also know those at St Mungo also enjoyed them too.

Website: http://www.konditorandcook.com/

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